Saskia Bremer

A colourist pur sang, that is how Saskia Bremer is known in the art world. She works in Portugal and the Netherlands. Many Mediterranean titles bear witness to her predilection for warm and sunny Europe. The optimism that radiates her work, the clarity and the warm colors, these are aspects that make the work of Saskia Bremer popular with a wide audience.

Saskia Bremer started her artist's existence only in the mid-nineties. She has already attended several evening courses and a course at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague. Once wrestled with the strict standards and rules of the academy, she begins to develop her own style. Spontaneity and intuition are the important pillars.

Saskia Bremer: "My work arises without any preconceived plan.If I am busy, there comes a moment when I say it has been enough, then I smear that paint that is left on a piece of cardboard and put it on the floor. You can be busy for days at a time and then it will not work out, you think: It's all boring, it's not good, but the next day you go back to work, the pieces of colorful cardboard are hoping up. something, then it's okay, that's the way it is with me, inspiration comes through to work, just start every day. " She paints with acrylic almost as a matter of course. This fast-drying type of paint fits seamlessly with her spontaneous way of working.


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Saskia Bremer

This is Portugal

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Saskia Bremer

Riverside village

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Saskia Bremer

Boa Vista


Saskia Bremer