Real1 (Gary Real Rowe) is a graffiti artist originally from North London UK and now based in Northern Ireland. He is originally from London and has now settled in Northern Ireland. He has been a part of the graffiti scene since the early 90s. His work has improved over the years and he still likes to experiment a lot. That while still retaining its unique elements. His work varies from graffiti, mixed media, illustration and more.

His most important influences and inspirations come from artists such as Jean Michel Basquait and the underground graffiti scene from the early 90s. He is best known for his stylized characters and the use of mixed media. Since 2000 he has exhibited in various countries around the world, such as London, Namibia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway and many other places. He works a lot with international fellow artists and feels like a real European.

In 2015 he founded the streetwear brand "Thick as thieves Uk", together with his partner Helen Leavy (aka K9). They produce screen-printing clothing in limited editions. Please visit his personal website for more info.


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Real pink

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F**ck your ego

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Real deal