Gerke Rienks

Gerke Rienks is a Dutch artist, born in Groningen. Rienks started his career at the early age of 16 and later moved to Amsterdam. Rienks’ pop art shows famous musicians and, more than often, attractive women.

The earlier work of Gerke Rienks is fairly different. Rienks began as an abstract painter. His inspiration came from famous Dutch artists like Karel Appel and Willem de Kooning. His early work is known as The Frisian Years. It was only at the end of the 1990 that Gerke changed to a more figurative genre; pop art. This evolved into the great work he creates today.

Gerke Rienks uses a highly recognisable technique to create his art. It's called anamorphic art. To be more exact, He uses an anamorphic technique called paper cuts to create stunning pop art. When you're too close to one of his works you will just see a bunch of black stripes. But when you zoom out you see the artist’s intent. The black stripes are aligned in such a fashion that they clearly portray people.


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Gerke Rienks

Angelina Jolie