Boezemstraat 11

Boezemstraat 11
60 x 40 cm
Price (incl. vat)
€ 30,00

About Boezemstraat 11

This is a photo of an art project at the Boezemstraat in Rotterdam Crooswijk. The dimensions are 40 x 60 cm. The print is glossy and glued on 1 mm polystyrene, so it is not warped and makes framing easy. Own production.

Commissioned by Rewriters010, graffiti artists from the American art collective The Bushwick Collective made murals on a demolished building on the Boezemstraat in Rotterdam. Some members of this collective are among the best-known street artists of contemporary art.

The photos on the Boezemstraat were taken in March 2017 and disappeared with the demolition of the buildings in 2019.