Always the real thing

Always the real thing
30 x 42 cm
Price (incl. vat)
€ 195,00

About Always the real thing

Special art print on 350 grams paper with a UV protective varnish. Limited edition of 250 pieces (this is number 141) signed by the emerging British artist Imbue.

Before this art print can be hung on the wall, it must be pasted on cardboard or polystyrene and, if desired, framed. Purchase entitles you to a 25% discount on the framing by Kunst en Kleur.

Imbue, actually from London, works as an artist in Brighton. Dubbed "the new Banksy," he does more than just write his name on the wall. The street performer provocatively alters army ads or recruiting posters, even placing an evil Snow White on the shelves of a Disney store.

He has been creating works of art for over 10 years and is exhibited and collected worldwide. The artist has had solo and collective exhibitions in London, Brighton, Osaka, Paris and other countries.